The Better Way to safely tie train transfer transport move Your Horse

The main principle behind the Horse Safe Tie is that it gives allowance for momentary spooks when used correctly and in the slip configuration. Unlike other tying products, it works on the same "pressure/release" training principles commonly used in training horses to perform any desired task.

Coast Ranch Company Horse Safe Tie

Tie safely and quickly with the Coast Ranch Company Horse Safe Tie!

  • Heavy Duty 8000+ lb rated quick-lock carabiner and tie
  • Allows slippage when horses pull back, giving release
  • Prevents wrecks for horse and human
  • Works with all sizes of lead ropes
  • Use on tie posts, horse trailers, patience poles, and more
  • Use with trailer D-rings, carabiners, ropes, chains
  • Use in slip or hard-tie configuration
  • Can move horses without untying

The Horse Safe Tie is designed to allow some slippage in the case of a sudden set back or spook. This keeps horses and humans safe in the event of a pull back, and also allows the horse to learn to give back to the pressure without reaching a point where injury can occur.The Safe Tie is especially convenient, working with many sizes of lead ropes and can be attached with D-rings, carabiners, ropes or chains. You can also quickly move horses without tying and untying by simply unclipping the carabiner from the trailer, post or wall and then clipping it to the next tying area. It's also easy to change between a slip configuration and a hard-tie configuration.