• Bookies Luck Thoroughbred Champion 2015 crop
    2017 Stallion of the Year
    2017 Breeders' Cup Winner
    Sired by Lucky Pulpit, out of Book'em Babe (earnings $61+ mil).
    California Chrome's younger brother.
    Fast, athletic, & good looks.
    Heart of a Champion.
  • Vadar Percheron/Thoroughbred Vadar is a 2017 crop Percheron/Thoroughbred stallion. Even as a stallion, this boy is as sweet and calm as they come. It's a good thing too, because his amazingly soft coat just invites cuddling. He combines all the best qualities of his two breeds: well muscled, intelligence, and willingness to work from his war horse draft side -- and agility, speed, and from his dam side.
  • Pointed Question Racing Thoroughbred 2010 crop
    Currently in foal to Northern Causeway.
    Sired by Point Given, out of Bal D'Argent (earnings $4+ mil).
  • Bennett Mtn Gal Racing Thoroughbred 2014 McCann's Mojave daughter. She ended her racing career in 2017 and is now a cowboy dressage horse. She even rides bridleless.
  • Diesel Clydesdale/Quarter Horse SOLD. This 2008 Clydesdale/Quarter Horse combo is the leader of the pack. This big girl can move -- and looks good doing it with her beautiful blue roan coat. Despite her size, she has a calm and cool demeanor.
  • Panda Fresian/Gypsy (Gypsian) This 2016 Gypsian filly has it all -- from color (homozygous black & white), athleticism, cow drive, sweetness, and even feather.
  • Little One Friesian/Thoroughbred A little one in name only, this solidly built 2013 mare is big, smart, and super athletic. She has sorted and gathered cattle, seen most of the trails in the Central Coast, competed in rodeo events like poles and barrels, and is a great balance of power and grace -- a young example of the fantastic Friesian/Thoroughbred cross characteristics. If you give here cookies, be prepared to have her search you completely for any that you may be hiding!
  • Zoom Racing Thoroughbred This 2019 filly has size and an amazing mind. She is a cool customer and learns super fast because of it. She will have her mom's size and frame. Sired by Northern Causeway, out of Pointed Question.
  • Shimmer Friesian/Thoroughbred This 2019 filly is sired by Orca (16hh Pinto Freisian Dressage Champion), out of Bennett Mtn Gal. She is as sweet and curious as they come.
  • Aria Mustang (Oak Creek) This 2015 wild mustang out of the Oak Creek herd in the Tehachapi Mountains is proof that mustangs really can do it all. She has been in parades, will happily charge into rivers and the ocean, climb obstacles, jump, ride the toughest terrain with the sure footing of a billy goat, learns new skills tremendously quickly, and is the loyalest companion to those humans who have earned her trust.
  • Dandy Quarter Horse Dandy is a decathlete that can perform at almost any discipline. He has a crazy amount of endurance -- and will keep a pace that will destroy other horses that try to compete. He spent his early years being packed through the mountains of Washington State and he has seen pretty much every trail on the central coast -- probably many times -- and is a billy goat on those treacherous and crumbly mountain trails.
  • Loki Friesian/Tennessee Walker SOLD. 2017 Friesian/Tennessee Walker Cross. And what a cross! This boy can move! He is as playful and smooth as they come. He is named Loki for a reason -- a true trickster and silly horse that will always make you laugh. He plays even plays fetch!
  • Amigo Quarter Horse SOLD. All-around ranch dude with a cool calm demeanor. He may not volunteer himself for a job, but he is a solid pick for any task.
  • Tiza Diva Racing Thoroughbred SOLD. 2013 Tiz Wonderful daughter. Ended her racing career in 2018 with winnings of $66k+.