Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions. Below you will find some of the common questions people ask. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free contact us to ask us your particular question!

Yes! :) We are updating the website with as much information as we can -- as quickly as we can. After taking a break for a couple years from litters and puppies due to traveling and retiring our previous breeding stock, we took down the dog's website, moved, changed names as a result, and pursued other life pursuits. But..... we're back!

Puppies are up to date when they leave. They recieve their first vaccine at 6 weeks old and are not able to leave to new homes until they are 8 weeks old.

At 8 weeks of age.

Several puppies have become service dogs; multiple have also been therapeutic animals, etc.

Puppies are handled from day one. We use our own program -- very close to puppy culture's program. The puppies are exposed to children, adults, dogs, cats, chickens, horses, livestock, clicker training, and obstacles all before the age of 5 weeks old. We highly recommend new puppy parents continue the puppies using puppy culture's program. We also do neurological stimulation with puppies around 2 weeks of age.

Yes. It covers the general terms, our health guarantee, breeding rights, and the buyer's responsibilities, as well as serving as proof of purchase of the puppy.

We have a standard health guarantee which includes a 72 hour viral/health guarantee and a 1 year congenital ailment guarantee.

Yes. Puppies are typically AKC registered. However, some could possibly be NSDR, ASDR, etc. registered as the may come from outside females bred to our stud.

If a dog is not sold with breeding rights, we do recommend spaying/neutering. Our contract specifies that this be done by a year of age. However, we do not require that you send us vet records because everyone has a different opinion of what age a dog should be before the process is performed.

Of course!