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I don't know who I'd be without horses. Horses have pushed me, shaped me as a person, tested me, saved me, and forced me to be a better version of myself. This is why my passion is to bring horses into the lives of others.

Who Is Brooke Jordan?

I have been very fortunate to work with AMAZING HORSEMEN & WOMEN with a variety of training styles: Native American, American & Mexican Cowboy, European, and Natural Horsemanship styles.

There are many ways to train a horse; there are many horse trainers to choose from. I have a healthy fear of horses... Let's face it, they are huge and powerful. How do you deal with something your afraid of? You avoid it or learn about it. I am far too OBSESSED with horses avoid them. So my only choice was to learn everything I could about them. I had to learn to speak horse. I had to hone my skills and relationship with horses so that I could do anything I wanted with them.

I'm not a cowboy. I don't get bucked off... because I don't ride horses that buck... because my horses just don't buck. I have no pride about it... If I am not in control I will jump off and walk home, because I am in control on the ground (and if I'm not in control on them I have no business being on them).

I have a deal with myself and if the horse isn't safe enough for me to stand up on then it isn't ready for me to ride. I expect them to trust me when I get on them and they expect me to trust them.

My goal isn't to be able to jump on and ride a horse without getting thrown. My goal with every horse I work with is to develop a relationship that we both benefit from. YES, I believe in positive reinforcement! YES, I want my horses to enjoy their jobs! YES, I make it fun and easy! I also want to able to communicate with my horses well enough to move any part of their body... My goals far exceed your basic walk, trot, canter, stop, side pass, back...

Behavior and communication is a passion I have that extends further than just horsemanship, I have worked in behavior modification for people: autism, addiction PTSD, ADHD, anxiety & I have worked with other animals including: drug/bomb dogs, dogs with behavior issues, agility dogs, mules, goats, etc.

As far as horse training goes, my method is always communication/relationship PLUS an open mind! I'm open to learn from them and teach them in the ways that they learn best.